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What is the solution to the power consumption of cold storage

Date:2020-07-03Source:未知 Access: Share

The operating cost of cold storage accounts for a large proportion of the operating costs of cold storage, especially for small cold storage. The operating costs of the cold storage in the early and medium term are basically electricity charges. The large power consumption of cold storage is the most unwilling to see the cold storage users. Today, Xiaobian wants to tell everyone what is the solution to the power consumption of cold storage.
In the daily use of cold storage, there are several situations that will cause the power consumption of the cold storage to be large. If you want to solve the problem of large power consumption in the cold storage, first find out the cause, and then you can prescribe the right medicine.

The following are common reasons for the high power consumption of cold storage:
1. The cold storage design is improper, the insulation thickness is not enough or the equipment configuration is unreasonable;
2. When the cold storage is installed, the storage of the warehouse is not well done, or it is damaged during use, and the warehouse is leaking;
3. The refrigeration system is faulty, or there are problems such as large wear, refrigerant leakage, and poor working conditions;
4, the evaporator defrosting is not timely, the frost layer is too thick;
5. The door opening time is too long when the cold storage door is not closed or the storage operation is completed.
Determine the cause or general direction of the cold storage power consumption, we will know how to solve the problem.
1. If the power consumption of the cold storage is caused by improper installation design, the cold storage can be energy-savingly modified; the refrigeration system, thermal insulation structure or equipment configuration can be modified to improve the working efficiency of the cold storage and reduce the cooling loss, so as to reduce the running power consumption. . (Perhaps some customers think that the cost of cold storage renovation is not cheap, and hope to solve it through other simple methods. In fact, the economic value of cold storage energy saving is very high, we must know that the service life of cold storage can reach more than ten years. It is not worthwhile in the later transformation, but in The early and medium-term transformation can greatly improve the efficiency of cold storage and operating costs, which is very worthwhile.)
2. If the cold storage power consumption is caused by cold storage damage and failure, it must be solved by cold storage maintenance. Cold storage maintenance has high technical requirements. In order to avoid causing bigger problems, enterprises should contact professional personnel to inspect and repair the cold storage.
3. If the power consumption of the cold storage is not caused by the defrosting in time, the administrator should re-adjust the parameters such as the cold storage defrost interval according to the cooling situation of the warehouse.
4. If the power consumption of the cold storage is caused by the operation, the company should optimize the storage operation and daily management. The administrator can reduce the operating cost of the cold storage by reducing the opening time of the cold storage door, finishing the goods after storage, storing the goods at a lower temperature, and avoiding the peak period of electricity consumption (some areas have higher electricity charges during peak hours). .