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Located in Shengzhou City, Shaoxing City, near Ningbo and Hangzhou, Zhejiang Brozer Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the production of semi-closed refrigeration compressors, the assembly of various brands of compressors and the processing, design and maintenance of spare parts. We have a complete scientific quality management system, and takes the standard production process of China's refrigeration compressor as the production line. The products produced are characterized by stable quality, durability, low noise and excellent refrigeration effect. We are also committed to refrigeration, freezing, preservation and other types of cold storage and thermostatic workshops, industrial chillers, all kinds of non-standard process refrigeration equipment.


Brozer has continuously introduced international cutting-edge refrigeration technology, and according to the needs of our clients, we have developed and manufactured a number of series of products,such as Box-type condensing unit, open unit, water-cooled compression condensing unit, air-cooled condensing unit, all-in-one unit and split unit, low-temperature screw unit, parallel unit, industrial chiller unit, D series air cooler, series double-sided side outlet air cooler, water frost cooler series, air-cooled condenser series, etc. All units adopt internationally renowned brand compressors, which have the characteristics of superior performance and beautiful appearance. They are widely used in food freezing and refrigeration, hotel cold storage, industrial process cooling, medical cold storage, refrigerated trucks, edible fungus factories and other fields, and have been highly praised by our clients. At the same time, the products are also exported to many foreign countries and regions, providing a complete set of production equipment and solutions for users with different needs.


"Customer First" and "Service First" are our consistent tenets. In line with the enterprise philosophy of "Science and Technology Guide Industry, Service Creates Market", we insist on using first-class technology, products and services to continuously meet the increasing needs of customers, realize ourselves and repay the society, and devote ourselves to promoting the progress and development of refrigeration industry. We firmly believe that innovation is the source of a brand's life.

We will always be there waiting for you.